Ipiphany plans cater to different usage profiles based on the volume of data being analyzed.

Each paid plan providesĀ 

  • User licenses to access to the ipiphany.ai portal with prescribed features

  • A pre-purchased volume of Ipiphany Credits (used when importing data)

  • The option to purchase additional Ipiphany Credits at a prescribed rateĀ 

Plan expiry

Unless renewed, on expiry of a paid plan, accounts will automatically revert to the Project Plan and retain all unexpired Datasets and any unused Ipiphany Credits.


A single Dataset may contain up to 100,000 records (rows in a import file). Datasets are retained until deleted by the customer or until the expiry specified by the plan purchased.

Ipiphany Credits

Ipiphany Credits (or just 'Credits' for short) are purchased with your Ipiphany subscription or granted for free with a Trial Account. Credits are consumed when you import data into Ipiphany.

An Ipiphany Credit is consumed for every row of a data file (record) imported as long as the row contains a maximum of one non-blank Verbatim Text field among a maximum of 100 fields - and the length of the Verbatim Length field is 250 unicode characters or less (Read more about Ipiphany Credits).

User License

A user license provides access to the ipiphany.ai portal for a single person identified via email address and password.

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