• Changed the default 'Top' setting of the network chart to 100
  • Removed 'View In Explore' link from a Discovery analysis. The option to explore/investigate a Discovery will be reintroduced in the future.
  • A Theme will now be selected when inspecting it


  • Fixed segmenting by word association not returning any data
  • Fixed failing to load trend chart when segment by keyword or word association
  • Fixed a situation where the Explain and Examples tabs would show no data in a Discovery
  • Fixed filter chips turning back to grey when a node is added from the network chart
  • Fixed preview panel trend chart not calculating percentages correctly
  • Fixed trend chart not using correct date labels
  • Fixed preview panel filters not clearing when the main selection changes
  • Fixed an issue causing the trend chart to show no data
  • Fixed underscore characters displaying in Discovery analysis patterns
  • Fixed an issue causing Discovery analyses to fail when using Word Association as a driver
  • Fixed trend charts not always filling up all horizontal space
  • Fixed the scatter chart not displaying negatively sized patterns


  • Improved performance of the home screen
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