Demo Datasets

We are in the process of creating some demo datasets available for all clients. Over the coming months you may notice some new datasets appearing on your home screen labelled 'DEMO'. Feel free to have a play with these. We think they show off some of the more powerful features of Ipiphany and are a good place to check out new features or get ideas for what can be analysed.

Filtering Examples

Our most popular requested feature is here. You can now filter examples by a score or verbatim text field! This is useful for when you want to focus on only high or low scores or on examples from select verbatim fields.


  • The Trend chart will no longer be available when a dataset contains no date field

  • Datasets with no verbatim or only verbatim are now handled better throughout the UI

  • Searching for concepts and themes will now find a match even if it has a very low frequency


  • Fixed 'Measure Score' column returning in the examples export when 'I want to improve' is 'Records (Frequency)'

  • Fixed a situation where datasets could be stuck in 'Processing' when they have completed

  • Fixed the search parameter still applying until you hit the enter key

  • Fixed an issue causing the intersection of 2 nodes in the network chart to return no results in the preview panel

  • Fixed a situation where Theme, Keyword and Word Association patterns could return Explain and Example results of the wrong word type

  • Fixed a problem where theme, keyword and word association type filters were not applied correctly

  • Fixed all patterns in a set of filters being added to the main filter when right-clicking an individual filter pattern

  • Fixed some display issues with different 'I want to improve' attribute types in the Examples tab

  • Fixed an issue where the preview panel would not update when the main chart/table is updated

  • Fixed a rare issue causing the database to lose connection resulting in users seeing a white screen

  • Fixed the preview panel's trend chart not displaying frequency % correctly

  • Fixed an issue where results would not return when filtering by date range on some datasets

  • Fixed Discoveries not display NPS results correctly

  • Fixed trend chart tooltips not calculating correct Frequency %, Impact or Difference values. They were showing these values related to overall rather than the individual month.


  • Improved performance of the Dataset Settings screen

  • Improved processing of datasets with a large amount of verbatim text. These dataset should now complete more reliably. More to come in this area in soon.

Coming up next...

  • Importing 1 to 5 and 1 to 7 score types

  • Exporting records with coded concepts

  • Even better results in the network chart

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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