Easier control of chart and table settings

The charts and table can now be controlled directly by clicking on axis names or controls displayed below the chart. Clicking 'Reset Chart' will reset all chart options back to their defaults.

Improved chart tool-tips

Chart tool-tips now all look the same and display Frequency in % and count, the metric you are trying to improve with the difference from the average and the impact this pattern is having on the metric.

Set the direction you want to improve a metric

A new control is available when setting the metric 'I want to improve':

Use this control for attributes such as costs or times which you typically want to reduce (minimize). 'Minimize' will switch the color scheme throughout Ipiphany so that positive improvements (patterns that cause a reduction in the value) are colored green and negative improvements (patterns that cause an increase in the value) are colored red. 'Understand' will color both directions blue.


  • Changed the inspect theme bars so they are proportional to the maximum value across all columns

  • Added a Summary view to the Preview panel when no pattern is selected (Overall mode)

  • Changed the order of the account details and subscriptions tabs in Account Settings

  • Explain and Examples will now be hidden on datasets that contain no verbatim text field

  • Added an error message when a calculation or request fails in the user interface. If you see one of these messages please refresh your browser window and contact us if the issue persists.

  • Clarified the scenario where low frequency patterns can return no examples by adding an explanation message.

  • Reduced the scenarios that would cause the examples tab filter to be reset


  • Fixed date and verbatim text field filters not being included in the count of filters

  • Fixed 'Relevance' figures showing when they were not relevant

  • Fixed an issue where the mapping screen when creating a dataset would not display all available fields in the space available

  • Fixed the Network chart displaying an error on some very small datasets

  • Fixed some scenarios where theme frequencies were being calculated differently between the main table and the preview panel

  • Fixed some minor alignment issues on the home page when displaying demo datasets

  • Fixed word associations format in Discoveries to be consistent with the rest of Ipiphany

  • Fixed Examples tab not resetting to the first page after applying a filter

  • Fixed dataset processing failure flags not clearing when they were clicked

  • Fixed an issue where the charts or table would fail to return when the dataset contained certain date formats

  • Fixed an issue where changing a datasets ontology would fail to process


  • Ongoing work to improve the speed of the user interface

Coming up next...

  • A new hierarchical way to analyze concepts, the Sunburst chart.

  • The ability to inspect a theme from anywhere, not just the table.

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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