Narrow Themes

A new, more specific style of themes are displayed by default. We call these 'Narrow Themes' vs the old style 'Broad Themes'. Narrow Themes consist of two words, an object and an aspect. e.g.

quick service    -     'quick' is the aspect of the object 'service'.

Our research shows that narrow themes are easier to understand and more accurately encompass an insight. We would love to hear how you find them.

When viewing themes in the Sunburst chart, Narrow Themes display as the children of Broad Themes.

To analyze with Broad Themes enable them by clicking the 'Cog' icon when on a chart and turn on the switch labelled 'Broad Themes':

New Chart Type: Treemap

A new chart type is available called the Treemap. This chart is especially useful when analyzing a dataset using Frequency.

Comparing Metrics

The option 'Custom...' is now available when setting the axis, color and size settings for charts. Choosing this option will allow you to create a new metric to use in the chart so that you can compare two or more metrics. 

For example, in the scatter chart you may want the x-axis to be the Average Experience Score but the color of the bubbles to be the Average Staff Score. This can now be achieved by using the 'Custom...' option in the X-Axis and Color settings.

Other Changes

  • Improved the strategy for coloring patterns when using the 'Understand' option. Patterns will now be colored from lowest (white) to highest (blue).

  • Added demo datasets to the list of datasets that can be used for creating a new Discovery from the home screen

  • Changed the default chart to Network when opening datasets that do not contain any numerical attributes. 

  • Added a restriction when changing your password to require the new password to not match any of your previous 4


  • Fixed an issue where a dataset that failed to process would remain in the processing state

  • Fixed a dataset processing failure when the uploaded file contained only a header row

  • Fixed a dataset processing failure when the uploaded file contained values in a column that did not have a header value


  • Improved the performance when inspecting a theme by reducing the number of very low frequency results that return

Coming up next...

  • Improved Snapshot Results

  • New Comparison Function: Lift

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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