Preview using Themes

Themes are now available and displayed by default in the Explain tab when previewing a pattern. Themes do a much better job at aggregating the verbatim text than Keywords or Word Associations, making it faster to get to an insight. They also work great with the new Lift function.

Note - Keywords and Word Associations are still available by clicking on the heading of the first column in the Explain tab.

New Comparison Function: Lift

The Lift function is a powerful new tool for explaining patterns in Ipiphany. Use it to help expose the root causes of issues.

Lift calculates the amount a pattern is over indexing (appearing more frequently than normal) for your selection or filter. A lift of 1 means that it appears at a normal rate, a lift of 3 means that it occurs 3 times as often in your selection than it does in the overall data.

Lift is available in the:

  • Explain tab of the Preview Panel

  • Chart settings popup, 'Where' field

  • Axis, Color or Size settings of charts

  • Table

Note: Lift is only available when previewing a pattern or when a filter has been applied.

Other Changes

  • When Inspecting a Theme its component parts will now display as red or green depending on whether they are decreasing or increasing the metric you want to improve. This color setting is configurable when you define 'I want to improve'.

  • You can now 'Retry' data that exceeded your Ipiphany Credits once you have purchased more Ipiphany Credits. From the menu on a Dataset, click Settings, go to the Data tab and select 'Retry after credits increase' on the data block you wish to retry. 

  • Improved the message displayed when an uploaded file cannot be mapped

  • Swapped the order of the search and filter controls in the Examples tab

  • Improved automatic selection of 'Number' type fields when creating a dataset

  • Added help notes to the Upload Dataset screen


  • Fixed a function label not updating in the Preview Panel's Summary tab

  • Fixed the Table only displaying up to 200 results, now will display up to 2000


  • Improved Discovery processing performance

Coming up next...

  • Big improvements to the quality of results returned in Snapshot

  • Inspect a Concept

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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