More Powerful Network Chart

The Network Chart just got a whole lot smarter. The chart now contains additional connections that help explain issues and allow you to understand root causes. This makes issues much more actionable. We strongly suggest you revisit any datasets you have and try out the improved Network Chart. Insights are waiting to be discovered.

Currently this improvement is only available when analyzing with Concepts. It will be added for Themes in a future release.

Previous Results

New More Powerful Results

Note: The new results require some additional processing so the chart will take a few seconds longer to return. We recommend using the browser 'Chrome' to improve performance.

Other Changes

  • Added a vertical 'Overall' line to the scatter chart when a custom X-axis value is defined

  • Enhanced the tool-tips so they now always contain figures for all measures used in the charts and selection

  • Resetting the sunburst chart settings will now also reset the 'Order by' value

  • Reduced what can be displayed in a filter chip tool-tip to be more useful

  • Exporting patterns will now export with the limit you have defined in the selection control

  • Improved the 'short' version of Examples to contain the most relevant part of the example more often


  • Fixed a dataset processing issue caused by the first record being invalid for a multi-value categorical field

  • Fixed an issue where results could return below the frequency % cutoff

  • Fixed the search control applying previous search terms when it is closed

  • Fixed the verbatim export failing when the 'I want to improve' measure is Records (Frequency)

  • Fixed an issue where switching from Snapshot to Segment would cause an error if the dataset had no numerical attributes

  • Fixed the table not displaying results for Records (Frequency) when filtering

Coming up next...

  • Bar Charts

  • Inspect a Concept

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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