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April 19, 2018 - More Descriptive Explanations & Sum Functions
April 19, 2018 - More Descriptive Explanations & Sum Functions
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More Descriptive Explanations

When you discover an important pattern in your data, clicking it and selecting the Explain tab on the right has become much more powerful. By default a Cloud chart is displayed and the results have been expertly tuned to highlight a pattern's most descriptive terms.

Below is an example for the concept 'Efficient Staff'. You can clearly see that airline passengers associate 'Efficient Staff' with leaving and arriving on time, having a smooth flight and a range of other factors.


  • The size of each term represents its frequency

  • You can switch back to the table at any time by clicking the table icon and it now displays the same results as the Cloud

  • A heatmap coloring option is coming in a future release

Sum and Sum % Functions

Two new functions are available when setting your 'I want to improve' value or creating a custom measure on a chart; Sum and Sum %. 

Use these functions to calculate the total value of an attribute across all records. This is especially useful for attributes such as 'Call Time' where negative experiences may be occurring on short duration calls but those calls may add up to a high proportion of the total call time. In this scenario you are best to select 'I want to improve' as the sum of Call Time because eliminating negative calls would cause a raise in average 'Call Time'.

Other Changes

  • Added an option available for some users which allows you to create a dataset in 'Upload Only' mode. When this is enabled you are not asked to review the attribute types and the dataset will not process. This feature is useful when you want to securely transfer a data file to Ipiphany staff. If you would like access to this feature please contact your account manager.

  • Reduced the maximum number of bars that the bar chart can display to 25

  • When an attribute can only have positive values, its patterns will now be colored Blue in charts. The colors Red and Green are used for attributes with negative and positive values.


  • Fixed an issue where the Sunburst chart would not display some sections with the correct relative proportions. Looking for large sections n the Sunburst chart should now be a more reliable way to find important patterns.

  • Fixed an issue causing the column chart x-axis labels to not align correctly

  • Fixed the Attribute option section of the filter popup showing as blank when a search was added

  • Fixed the Network chart not displaying as many patterns as it should for Themes

  • Fixed an issue where some ontologies would display as options when creating a dataset that should not have

Coming up next...

  • The ability to segment by all standard attributes at the same time

  • Heatmap option 

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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