Ipiphany Credits

Changed the terminology used throughout Ipiphany to refer to 'Ipiphany Credits' rather than 'Quota'.

What is an Ipiphany Credit?

Better Dataset Completion Emails

When your dataset completes processing the email you receive now contains a summary table of the records uploaded, records imported, credits used, etc. This should be useful for determining if your import was successful.

Other Changes

  • Improved security throughout Ipiphany. Security of your data and account is paramount. Ipiphany is continually improved to maintain world class security standards.

  • Slightly updated the user interface design to help with usability. Additional improvements are coming in the next release.

  • Reduced broad themes to display as only their most frequent term. Broad themes should now be easier to read and understand quickly.


  • Fixed search control text not showing when switching to Treemap chart

  • Fixed some concept filter options showing + and - signs

  • Fixed duplicate dataset name validation not working correctly

  • Fixed a situation where the Explain word cloud would not display some words

  • Fixed an issue where a trial account would not be created successfully

  • Fixed concepts with long names displaying poorly in the filter popup

  • Fixed Internet Explorer 11 not displaying the measure or filter popup correctly

  • Fixed an issue when filtering with attribute options that contained an apostrophe

  • Fixed trend charts showing incorrect values when clicking through from the network chart when displaying themes

Coming up next...

  • Big things.... keep an eye out for an announcement in the next few weeks about the massive changes coming in the next release.

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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