New Analysis Tools!

Version 3 brings with it a host of new tools to extract every last insight out of your data.  Access the following tools from within a dataset by using the left hand side menu.

Key Drivers

Use the Key Drivers tool to find patterns that are having the most effect on the metric that you want to improve. If you used the previous version of Ipiphany then this is where you will find most of the analysis options you are familiar with.

For more information on the Key Drivers tool - go here.


Use the Relationships tool to find and understand groups of related patterns and the connections between them. These pattern clusters and hierarchies often tell a story not easily explained by single patterns.

For more information on the Relationships tool - go here.

Use the Trends tool to find patterns that have changed over time. The trends tool is all new for Version 3 and introduces new algorithms to identify and explain significant, fast moving, and emerging trends.

For more information on the Trends tool - go here.


Use the Compare tool to contrast two or more groups to find out their important differences. For example, when analyzing Airline Reviews you could have a group for Business Class and one for Economy Class. The Compare Tool will show that there are differences in the Seating, Food, or some other quality between these two groups.

For more information on the Compare tool go here.


Segment your data

To analyse by segments (non verbatim type attributes) simply click the down arrow next to 'Themes' in the 'By Understanding' control and choose an attribute or just choose 'Segments' to analyse by all categorical attributes at the same time. Your selection will stay in place so you can easily switch between 'Concepts' and your chosen attribute.

Note: 'Segments' will only be available on newly processed datasets.


Other Changes

  • Intelligent improvements to the Explain tab results. The explain tab should now be even more effective at explaining your selected pattern.

  • 'Segments' is now an option in the Explain tab. This will return results for all categorical attributes at the same time.

  • Explain tab Word Cloud is now colored by 'Difference'. Positive Difference values will be green, negative values red, insignificant differences grey.

  • Enabled the Cloud chart as a primary chart option in Key Drivers

  • Automatic Frequency Cutoff. By default results will not return if they are below an intelligently determined frequency value. To set a manual Frequency cutoff, open the Priority control and view the advanced section.

  • Priority Cutoff. By default results will not return if they are below an intelligently determined value for the metric you are ranking results by. To set a manual Priority cutoff, open the Priority control and view the advanced section.

  • A figure for 'Change' is now displayed in the preview panel's trend charts. This is a simple comparison between the beginning and end of the time range.

  • You can now change the metric displayed in the preview panel's trend chart. To do this, click on the heading of the chart.

  • Impact figures will now always be calculated relative to your primary filter. This allows you to compare patterns by impact wherever you find them.

  • Inspect any pattern quickly by left-clicking its filter chip

  • Frequency % is now available as a measure option

  • Added the ability to color a chart by 'None'. When this option is selected all patterns in the chart will show as an identical blue.


  • Huge performance increases when processing datasets. A dataset should process in about half the time.


  • Fixed a rare issue where exporting from a line chart would fail

  • Fixed the Treemap chart displaying a message 'No results' while its data was still loading

  • Fixed searching the Network chart not highlighting the searched for pattern

  • Fixed the search and menu controls not displaying in the correct position on smaller screens

  • Fixed an issue where Ipiphany would return an error due to entering a search string with a missing trailing quotation mark

  • Fixed an error that occurred on datasets missing certain field types

  • Fixed the Explain tab of the preview panel not resetting to the top when its contents changed

  • Fixed a line chart error when the dataset contained only dates in the future

  • Fixed an issue where pipe symbols '|' could appear in Themes

  • Fixed incorrect results displaying on some datasets with multiple verbatim text fields when filtering to a single verbatim text field

  • Fixed word cloud tool-tips showing the shortened name of concepts

Coming up next...

  • Changeable priority metric in the Network chart

  • Ability to rename a dataset

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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