The Filter control is located at the top left of the Report Screen.

Use the Filter control to restrict the records that you want to use in your report. This is done by applying filters to the dataset.

Adding a Filter

There are 4 types of filters you can add:

  1. Attribute

  2. Report Period

  3. Report Insight

  4. Search Term

To add a filter, select the type of filter first and the screen will change to show options relevant for that type of filter. As you add filters they will then display in the 'Selected Filters' section on the left.

Filter Type



Filter by the presence of an attribute value.

e.g. Cabin Class = Economy

Report Period

Filter by a date range.

Only 1 Report Period filter can be applied at a time.

Report Insight

Filter by selected Insights within a Report.

Search Term

Filter by a term or combination of terms that you type in.

What happens when you have multiple filters of the same type?

Data will be displayed that matches at least one selected value in every selected attribute filter. For example, if two attribute filters are present,

Interaction Type = Deposit, Transfer AND Product Type = Term Deposit,

then data will display that is a term deposit and has a type of either deposit or transfer

Records bar chart

This displays the resulting overall frequency in blue if all filters are applied. It also displays a value in grey for the same set of filters excluding the Date Period filter.

Base Filters

Base Filters are similar to regular filters but they are not cleared when you 'CLEAR ALL'. Anything added to the base filter will also not be highlighted when displaying verbatim examples.

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