The Primary Filter Control is located at the top left of the Analysis Screen. It is labelled 'When analyzing'.

Click the 'When analyzing' control to define the records in your dataset that you want to use in your analysis. This is done by applying filters to the dataset.

Date Filters

You can select a subset of data based on a specific date range for a date attribute using the Period Selector. 

The period selector allows you to select which Date Attribute to use in the Period Filter and set a Date Period.

Date Periods can be either a:

  • Pre-set period e.g. Last 30 days

  • Custom period, by defining a From and To Date (inclusive)

Search Term Filters

Search term filters allow you to filter data based on search terms that match to verbatim text. 

To add search term filters:

  1. Type the term directly into the search term field

  2. Hit the Enter key or Click the '+' button

Attribute Filters 

Attribute filters allow you to filter your data by the presence of an attribute value. For example:

Team Name = John’s Team

To add an attribute filter: 

  1. Click +ADD or +ADD FILTER in the filter section

  2. Use the Add Filter popup to select attributes and attribute values you want to filter

  3. Click APPLY

  4. The new filter(s) will display in the filter summary list

  5. To remove a filter click the cross symbol or click CLEAR ALL to remove all filters

Tip: Data will be displayed that matches at least one selected value in every selected attribute filter. For example, if two attribute filters are present: Interaction Type = Deposit, TransferANDProduct Type = Term DepositThen data will display that is a term deposit and has a type of either deposit or transfer

Base Filters

Base Filters are a way to limit the base scope of your analysis. Anything added to the base filter will not be highlighted when displaying verbatim examples.

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