Controllable Network Chart

In Relationships, the Network chart can now display results that are ranked and prioritised based on more than just 'Impact'. Use the Priority control's 'Where' setting to select from the full set of functions.

Want to understand what is being talked about for the biggest concepts?
Return the top results with largest frequency.

Want to find out what clusters with the most severe concepts?
Return the top results with largest difference.

Other Changes

  • You can now rename your datasets. Do this from the home screen by clicking 'Settings' on a dataset's menu and then clicking the pencil icon in the 'Dataset Name' control.

  • Percentage change values returned by the Trends tool return a minimum and maximum change of -1000% and +1000% respectively. If a change is calculated outside of this range it will now be labelled as < -1000% or > +1000%.


  • Fixed the table wasting column space, the table should now be more usable on smaller screens

  • Fixed an issue when creating a group in the Compare tool where the attribute control would not scroll back to the top

  • Fixed a way to create blank groups in the Compare tool

  • Fixed a situation where the labels in the Bar chart would display badly

  • Fixed an issue where the Trend chart would not display the first data point

  • Fixed Priority settings not applying correctly when multiple priority settings were changed at the same time

  • Fixed results returning that are not increasing when the Priority setting is 'Increasing' and results are limited

  • Fixed an issue where a charts color would be set to 'None' incorrectly

Coming up next...

  • More streamlined Ipiphany signup and demo dataset process

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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