Demo Datasets

In the coming weeks we will be uploading a range of datasets sourced from public consumer reviews that showcase the power of Ipiphany to extract the most important insights. In preparation for this we have overhauled the 'DEMOS' tab on the home screen.

Other changes

  • Changed the maximum returnable results in Key Drivers, Relationships, Trends, and Compare to 200. Note, some chart types have a lower maximum.

  • Improved the performance of scrolling tables throughout Ipiphany


  • Fixed the scatter chart not displaying a bubble when its value was exactly on the last point of the axis

  • Fixed 2 digit year values being imported as the first century AD, these will now be assumed to be in the current millennium :)

  • Fixed 'Upload Only' dataset creation failing due to a permission issue

  • Fixed being unable to to go the Dataset Settings page of an Upload Only dataset

  • Fixed a visual issue in the Firefox browser with drop downs in the Priority Control

  • Fixed an issue where an account would incorrectly display with 0 credits

Coming up...

  • New welcome screen

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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