Welcome screen

A new Welcome Screen pops up for new users to help introduce them to Ipiphany. This screen will automatically display when you login until you uncheck 'Always show this screen when I login'. 

Note: Existing users will not be displayed the Welcome Screen. To manually display the Welcome Screen select it from the account menu.


Other changes

  • Updated the trial notification bar that displays when you are on a trial plan

  • Ipiphany staff are now notified more reliably when an upload only dataset is created

  • You can now create a dataset in upload only mode even if you have 0 Ipiphany Credits


  • Fixed a processing issue where the contraction 'it's' would be expanded to 'it has'

  • Fixed a processing issue where a space would be displayed between 'it' and ''s'

  • Fixed upload only datasets failing to process after their mappings being reviewed

  • Fixed upload only datasets being set to completed when going to the dataset settings > data tab

Coming up...

  • Improved dataset creation

  • The ability to hide results in Key Drivers, Trends, and Compare

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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