Edit Results

Now it is easy to control exactly what your charts are displaying so you can get the perfect screenshot for your presentation or report. This feature is available for all charts in the Key Drivers, Trends, and Compare tools.

Step 1 - Click the new edit results icon

Step 2 - Click results to select or unselect them

Step 3 - Click DONE to see the updated chart

Note: Click the Edit Results purple 'chip' to change your selection or click the 'x' to reset.

Better Dataset Creation

The Create Dataset process has been updated to be easier to use and to help guide you to get the best out of Ipiphany. The process is now split into 4 stages:

  1. Upload data

  2. Review field types

  3. Choose domain knowledge

  4. Create Dataset

Ipiphany now asks you to select the 'Domain Knowledge' that it will use to understand your data. This was previously referred to as an 'Ontology'. Selecting the right Domain Knowledge is critical for performing a quality analysis. If you cannot find a good match for your data either choose from the 'General' category or select 'None'.

Other changes

  • Added two new options to the Preview panel's menu, 'Show in Current Chart' and 'Show in Trends'. Use these to quickly show the current preview selection in the main chart area or in the Trends tool. Multiple previewed patterns will be treated as individual patterns when using this feature.


  • Fixed some alignment issues on the home screen when displaying datasets in list mode

  • Fixed an issue where 'upload only' datasets could be mapped and processed by normal users

  • Fixed the 'X days remaining on your subscription' notice displaying for accounts that it should not

  • Fixed the progress bar appearing over the inspect popup

Coming up...

  • Updated login design and performance

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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