Saving, loading and sharing filters

You can now save your complex filters by using the 'My Filters' feature.

To save a filter, in the 'When analyzing' control simply open the new 'My Filters' panel and click '+'. To load a filter, click on it.

Filters you create are only visible to you unless you choose to share them. Share filters by opening the menu on a filter and clicking 'Share'.

Note: To use the share feature you must have the correct permissions.

Other changes

  • Added the ability to change the date field used in the time series chart directly on the chart
  • Added a 'VIEW' toggle when editing results to switch between currently 'SELECTED' results and 'ALL' results. 
  • Patterns displayed in the table will now appear like chips when hovered over
  • Added icons to patterns right-click menu
  • Changed the 'Search' in the Network chart to 'Find' to indicate that it works differently to other chart types


  • Fixed a warning message not always displaying when performing an action that would cause your edit results selection to be lost
  • Fixed a scenario where the login button would not be clickable when it should be
  • Fixed the Trends tool's table making unnecessary API calls
  • Fixed tooltips overlapping in the Explain tab of the preview panel
  • Fixed an issue where the Download option would appear for a datasets data when the user did not have the required permissions to download data
  • Fixed chart axis values precision being too specific
  • Fixed an error when being prompted to refresh your login due to accessing a restricted screen
  • Fixed Intercom displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed some issues where the user tried to create a dataset when they had 0 Ipiphany Credits

Coming up...

  • A powerful new way of performing an analysis

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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