To add data to a dataset, from the datasets menu choose 'Append Data'.

Step 1 - Select a data source: Choose the source of the data you want to add to your dataset.

Note - this option may not be available for you depending on your account settings. If it is not you will start on Step 2.

Step 2 - Configure the data source: Depending on your data source selection you will get different settings here.

  • If you selected 'Excel or CSV File', drag or browse for an Excel or CSV file to add to the upload area

  • If you selected a connection type source refer to Configuring Data Sources for more details.

Step 3 - Review field types: Ipiphany will attempt to match the new data to previously imported fields. Only matches will be ticked by default for import and will display a 'arrow' symbol to the left of the Destination field label. Other fields can be added to the dataset by clicking their checkbox but remember that these will only be available for the new data that is imported.

If your data is missing a field such as 'Source' then use the '+Add Fixed Value' button to add a fixed value to each imported record. Typically these will be categorical type fields.

Note: You cannot change the field type of an existing field when appending. New fields can have their field type set as normal.

Step 4: Append Data: Check that your dataset is still named correctly, review its summary and click 'APPEND DATA' to start processing.

Step 5: Wait for processing to complete. This can take some time depending on the size of your data but should typically complete within 15 minutes.

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