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Introduction to the My Analyses tool

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Use the My Analyses tool to create, update, and view analyses. An Analysis in Ipiphany is a place to organise the patterns that Ipiphany returns into meaningful insights. 

  • Want to focus a dataset down to a few actionable insights? Create an analysis with the Top 10 Issues.

  • Think some concepts are the same thing? Create an analysis that combines them.

  • Don't like how a concept is named? Create an analysis that renames it and gives it a custom description.

Once created, analyses can be used in place of 'Concepts' or 'Themes' in other Ipiphany tools.


The My Analyses tool introduces a number of new terms.

Pattern - A related subset of the data e.g. verbatim comments about 'Staff'
Category -
A group of related patterns or sub-categories. Usually represents an insight or an area of insights.
Sub-category -
A nested category. Usually represents an insight.
Analysis -
A set of related categories.
Project -
A folder of related analyses. Can be shared with other users.

Creating an Analysis

  1. When in a dataset, in the main menu click 'My Analyses'

  2. Click the purple '+' button to create a new analysis

  3. Give the analysis a name and description

  4. Start the process of creating 'Categories' by dragging patterns from the right hand side into the main area or use the  'New Category' row to type them in directly

  5. Continue dragging patterns into categories until you are happy with your analysis

  6. Don't forget to open each category by clicking the 'Show more' icon and enter a description.

Viewing an analysis

Once you are happy with the analysis click the 'VIEW' button to display the analysis summary report. 

Note: When you open an existing analysis you will be shown the analysis report. To edit the analysis simply click 'EDIT'. This option will only appear if you have edit access for the analysis.


By default, new analyses are created without a project. If you are creating a set of related analyses it can be useful to organise them together using a project. 

1. Click the 'Create Project' button in the upper right corner of the Projects panel on the My Analyses home screen

2. Give your new project a name and click 'Create'

3. Move any relevant analyses into the newly created project by clicking and dragging the analysis card onto the project

4. While a project is selected, new analyses will be created in that project

Sharing Projects and Analyses

Currently only Projects can be shared. The ability to share an analysis may be added at a later date.

Projects can be shared by selecting a project and then clicking the Share button to display its Sharing Settings.

You can either share to everyone at your company by changing the 'Specific users' control to 'Everyone at <Company Name>' or invite individual users by entering them into the 'Invite People' control. Use the right side menu option (the eye icon in the screenshot below) to control what kind of access users have.

Note: Only current Ipiphany users can be added via 'Invite people' and you will have to notify them of their access yourself.

Using Analyses in other tools

Once you have created an analyses it can be used in Key Drivers, Relationships, Trends, and Compare.

  1. Open the other tool

  2. In the 'By Understanding' control click the down arrow

  3. Select the 'ANALYSES' tab

  4. Choose the project and analysis

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