Once you have created an analysis (or someone has shared one to you via a Project Folder) it will appear on the home screen.

3.1 - Opening an analysis

Clicking on an analysis in the home screen will open it and display the Insights Tool in View Mode. This screen represents the findings of an analysis in a report format. You can click on insights within the report to see stats and examples of each. To edit the analysis use the Mode Switch ("View | Edit") to switch back to Edit mode.

3.2 - Project folders

Project folders are used in Ipiphany to organise and share analyses. They are displayed at the top of the 'Analyses' section of the home screen. The special project folder 'Demo Analyses' will always display and cannot be changed.

3.3 - Sharing an analysis

Analyses can only be shared via Project Folders.

  1. Add the analysis to a project folder by dragging it to the folder

  2. Open the project folder

  3. Click the 'Share' button

  4. Invite a specific user to view or edit the project

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