The Ipiphany Home Screen is displayed when you first login to Ipiphany. 

Click the Ipiphany logo to return to the home screen from anywhere.

Account Menu & Help Center

Click on your name to manage your account or logout of Ipiphany. Click the Help Center icon to open the Ipiphany Help Center in a new window.

New Button

Click the New button to create a new Analysis, Project Folder, or Dataset.

Use the navigation panel to switch between analyses, project folders, and datasets. 

Tip - to move an analysis to a project folder, drag it to that folder

Main Content Area

Displays cards representing either Analyses & Project Folders, or Datasets depending on your selection in the Navigation Panel. 

  • Click a card to open it 

  • Click the menu icon (3 vertical dots) to view additional options

  • Searching will find analyses across all project folders

Tip - Try switching to list view if you have lots of analyses and/or project folders.

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