All About Analyses

Version 4 fundamentally changes the way you interact with Ipiphany. Analyses are now front and center and are created, viewed, and shared directly from the home screen.

Use Analyses to provide business decision makers with a concise list of things to fix, and watch the magic happen.

New Home Screen

Access analyses directly from the home screen via the 'Analyses' section on the left.

  • Project folders are now independent from datasets and can contain analyses of different datasets

  • View datasets as normal by clicking 'Datasets' on the left

  • Create new analyses, project folders, or datasets from the 'New' button

  • Searching analyses will search across all project folders at the same time, never lose your analyses again

Analysis Wizard

Starting analyses is now a simple, 3 step process.

  1. Choose an analysis type, currently the only available type is 'Custom'

  2. Select a dataset

  3. Set the analysis options (Metric, Filter, Project, Name)

Insights Tool

The Insights Tool displays when you open or create an analysis. Use it to view your analysis in a report like format and to edit/categorize its insights. 


Updated Summary Tab

The Summary Tab now contains more information and controls relevant to the type of pattern selected.


Other Changes

  • Manual dimension value selection, an extension of the 'Edit Results' feature, you can now choose the values that will return in graphs and tables by selecting them from a list. Use this to quickly minimise the results to just the ones you care about.

  • Faster, lighter, more efficient user interface. Ipiphany now performs even better on lower end hardware and loads faster.

Coming soon...

  • Crosstab Tool, quickly compare two dimensions in a heatmap, bar chart, or table

  • Automatic analyses, leave the work to the Ipiphany AI engine and automatically discover powerful actionable insights

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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