Quickly add an insight from within a dataset

Found an insight while exploring your dataset? Use the 'Add to analysis' feature to quickly save your discovery for later.

  1. When in a dataset, select a concept, theme, broad theme, or keyword to preview it

  2. Click the 'Add to analysis' icon

3. Select an existing analysis and give your new insight a name


Categorize by Keyword

Create analyses with insights consisting of Keywords by using the new 'Keyword' tab in the Categorize screen. This can be useful when trying to create your own code frame or when the automatically generated themes are not accurate.

Other Changes


  • Fixed preview panel setting not being cleared when a new analysis is opened

  • Improved the painpoint analysis trend chart's handling of large numbers

  • Fixed some controls in the Insight tool only showing the primary metrics function

  • Fixed being unable to set the Key Drivers dimension to an already opened analysis

Coming soon...

  • Importing of selected insights from an existing analysis, so you can more efficiently create new derivative analyses

  • Crosstab Tool, quickly compare two dimensions in a heatmap, bar chart, or table

  • Automatic analyses, leave the work to the Ipiphany AI engine and automatically discover powerful actionable insights

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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