Importing selected insights

You can now import insights previously created in another analysis into your new analysis.

1. Open the analysis you want to import to

2. Navigate to the 'Categorize' screen

3. Use the menu and select 'Import Insights'

4. Follow the new Import Insight wizard

   Note: Currently you can only import insights from analyses with the same dataset.

Other Changes

  • Refreshed the structure and design of the project, analysis, and dataset context menu's  (Tip: you can right-click on a project folder to access its menu)

  • Added breadcrumb links to the 'Inspect Concept' dialog that allow you to inspect the selected concepts parent concepts

  • Improved pattern chip tooltips, they now always display the attribute and the value e.g. 'Concept: Staff'

  • Removed the keyword type filter when searching for keywords in the categorize pattern library to improve your chances of finding searched for keywords

  • Selected Key Examples now display directly in the Painpoints analysis report

  • The concept or insight version of the summary tab will now display when other patterns are selected in the preview panel. This makes selecting patterns in the Comparison tool much more useful.


  • Fixed an alignment issue in the painpoint analysis report when no trend data is available

  • Fixed Painpoint analysis report showing chart icon when chart is not available

  • Fixed an issue causing the 'New Analysis' button to move slightly in the Relationships tool

  • Fixed the 'Keywords' attribute incorrectly displaying as 'Keyword'

  • Fixed the tooltip on the Frequency % figure in the Painpoints analysis report

Coming soon...

  • Crosstab Tool, quickly compare two dimensions in a heatmap, bar chart, or table

  • Automatic analyses, leave the work to the Ipiphany AI engine and automatically discover powerful actionable insights

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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