Improved Preview and Inspect

The style and basic functionality of the preview panel and inspect dialog has been updated to be clearer to read and more consistent.

  • Improved the style of metrics displayed at the top of the preview panel

  • Edit an insight directly from the preview panel by clicking the 'pencil' looking edit icon to the right of the insights name in the preview panel

  • Add any pattern to the preview panel filter quickly with the new 'Add pattern' feature in the preview panel menu

  • Inspecting an insight now shows all the information you get in the preview panel in a format that is perfect for printing or sharing via PDF

Other Changes

  • Added the ability to import insights underneath an existing insight. Do this by starting the import insights process from the menu of an existing insight.

  • Updated the style of text fields and drop-down controls right across the Ipiphany user interface

  • An Insight can now be inspected by right-clicking its filter chip


  • Fixed some PDF and printing issues for analyses

  • Fixed key examples not being returned for analyses with filters

  • Fixed painpoint analysis report showing the trend chart when there is insufficient date data to trend

  • Fixed an issue where an analysis could be created with a blank name

  • Fixed keyword patterns not including their type setting when being added from the categorize screen

  • Fixed an issue where the Edge browser would fail to display the Keyword > Advanced matching rules dialog

  • Fixed the error message that displays when over the date range limit in Compare

  • Fixed an issue where users could upload a second data file when a dataset was in the 'Needs Review' state

Coming soon...

  • Edit Analysis screen, a new screen that enables you to add more depth to your insights. Add cause and effect to round out your insights and make them more easily actionable.

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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