Truly Actionable Insights

How can you be confident enough to take action? Explanatory detail.

Ipiphany now facilitates the creation of truly actionable insights with sufficient explanatory detail that the right decisions become clear and action becomes inevitable.

Insight Types

When creating or editing an insight, it can now be given a type to clearly label its use.

The currently available types are:

  • Category

  • Painpoint

  • Highlight

  • General Insight

  • Topic

When you preview or inspect an insight that isn't a 'Category', a tag displays that shows what type it is:

Insights with Aspects

'Aspects' can now be added to Insights when their type is not 'Category'. These are key features of the insight, such as 'Context', 'Cause', 'Impact', and specific problems or benefits that combine to form a painpoint, highlight, general insight, or topic.

Aspects display whenever you preview or inspect an insight that has them.

Every good painpoint should contain at least a few aspects as they help to tell the story and make it much easier to fix.

How do I add aspects to an insight?

In the insight tool, an EDIT screen in now available.

Use this screen to review each insight in an analysis and add aspects to it.

Tip - Make sure you add a pattern to each aspect as it will only display if it has at least 1 frequency in the current filter settings

Other Changes

  • Added frequency counts to the patterns in the Add Pattern control

  • Added the ability to quickly define multiple comparison groups with a single click in the Compare tool. Simply select more than 1 filter and use the 'ADD X GROUPS' button when adding a comparison group.


  • Fixed an issue in the preview panel summary tab when the primary measure is SUM

  • Fixed an issue where some words would not display in the keyword tab in the Categorize screen when all keyword types are selected

  • Fixed the preview panel summary chart not displaying value to the correct precision

  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to add word associations or search terms to an insight via the Add Pattern control or the drag and drop feature

  • Fixed deleting a dataset not deleting its related analyses

  • Fixed the VIEW screen for a painpoint type analysis not displaying correctly on very small screen sizes

  • Fixed search control broken on the primary measure dialog

Coming soon...

  • Importing of insights from analyses in different datasets

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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