Minor Changes

  • Added the ability to drag sub-concepts from the Preview Panel Summary tab

  • Added the ability to Select All or Select None in the filter control. Note, this option is only available when the attribute contains a limited number of values.

  • Updated the design of aspects in the Edit screen to make it clearer when an aspect does not contain any filters

  • Removed the project folder label from the Painpoints and Adhoc analysis reports

  • Improved the default description of analyses

  • Added structured attributes to the 'Add Pattern' control when adding patterns to the preview panel


  • Fixed a bug where you could enter multiple-lines of text for an insight or aspect name

  • Fixed Compare tool group names being incorrect for date based groups

  • Fixed an issue in the Edit Insights popup with large sets of pattern filters

  • Fixed bar chart bars overlapping when switching between analyses

  • Fixed an error when no results returned in the Network chart

  • Fixed the export records file containing a blank insights column when the insight contains a search term

  • Fixed the aspects preview not showing KWIC data on the Examples tab

  • Fixed a display issue with Insights that have very long names

  • Fixed deleting a parent insight not deleting the child insight aspects

  • Fixed the tooltips for Insight filter chips

  • Fixed allowing duplicate insight names

  • Fixed a keywords part of speech from sometimes not being included in its pattern filter when being added to an analysis insight

  • Fixed a bug preventing filters from being shared in some circumstances

  • Fixed aspects not being displayed correctly when switching the insights type from 'Category' to 'Painpoint'

  • Fixed searching for a value in the filter control being reset when selecting a value

  • Fixed an error that occurred when deleting all the insights in an analysis

  • Fixed an error that occurred when creating an insight with just space characters in the name

  • Fixed some dataset processing issues caused by server restarts

Coming soon...

  • Importing of insights from analyses in different datasets

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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