Drill-down into Concepts

Want to chart the sub-concepts of a particularly interesting concept? Just double-click the concept directly in the chart to drill-down. We call this feature 'Hierarchical Mode', and it is now available for all chart types in Key Drivers and Trends.

'Hierarchical Mode' can alternatively be enabled and disabled via a switch in the status bar area.

With Hierarchical Mode enabled, use the hierarchy breadcrumb control to navigate up the hierarchy or double-click another concept to drill-down further.

Sunburst and Hierarchical Table now in Key Drivers

The Sunburst chart has moved to the Key Drivers tool and the Hierarchical table is now merged with the standard table.

To enable the hierarchical table simple turn on Hierarchical Mode when displaying the Table.

Archiving Dataset

Finding you have too many old datasets cluttering up Ipiphany but not ready to delete them yet? Now you can hide them away in the Archived folder.

To archive a dataset simply choose 'Archive' from the datasets menu.

Note - Analyses from archived datasets can still be opened and used as normal and previously archived datasets can be unarchived.

Other Changes

  • Changed the Comparison tool to show a column chart by default


  • Fixed the spacing in the analysis auto descriptions

Coming soon...

  • The ability to copy an analysis to another dataset

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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