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Apple App Store - Data Source Configuration
Apple App Store - Data Source Configuration

How to configure an Apple App Store data source

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If your Ipiphany account has integrations enabled, the Apple App Store data source is available when creating or appending data to a Dataset. It is used to download and import iOS reviews.

Step 1: Give the Connection a memorable name

We suggest the name contains both a reference to the Apple App Store and the name of the App you are sourcing reviews for. e.g. Apple App Store - Barclays UK

Step 2: Add App Store page URL

The URL is the link to the Apple App Store page for the source app. A good way to find this is to Google '[the app name] app store' and Google should return it as the top result e.g. 'Barclays UK app store'.

The URL will look something like this:

Step 3: Add an Earliest Record Date if required

The earliest record date limits the results to only those after the specified date. Note that the most recent reviews will return first up to your maximum records setting.

Step 4: Set the Maximum Records to Import

This setting limits the number of reviews that are downloaded in one synchronization.

Step 5: Choose if you want to 'Download Only' or not

If you enable 'Download Only' the reviews will be downloaded and appear in Dataset Settings > Data but will not be appended to your Dataset. This is useful when you want to manually add a column, translate, or perform some other manual action to the data prior to it being appended.

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