• Improved the way the Painpoint Report's trend chart displays when the analysis contains only Painpoints

  • Adding the first Key Example from the Examples tab will no longer switch to the Key Examples selection.

  • Added Green and Red coloring to the frequency bars of Sub-Concepts in the Preview Panel Summary tab to indicate if the concepts have a Positive or Negative difference respectively

  • Added the ability to control the background value used to calculate measures in the columns of the Crosstab Table

  • Improved the tooltip of the 'Change in value' arrow in the Painpoint Report to be clearer


  • Fixed an issue where some tooltips would not display correctly

  • Fixed duplicate empty analysis messages displaying

  • Fixed an issue in the Crosstab tool where date attribute values would not be sorted correctly

  • Fixed misaligned values in the Painpoint Report when the values are very large

  • Fixed some inconsistently named menu items in the Preview Panel

  • Fixed the Preview Panel Summary tab trend chart to chart the Frequency % by month rather than by overall

  • Fixed an issue with relative date period filters where they could return a slightly incorrect period due to time zone differences

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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