More Accessible Key Examples

Key Examples are a great way to highlight particularly important or illustrative comments for Painpoints or Highlight type insights. In this release we have moved them to the top of the the 'Short' and 'Long' example views to make them more visible and usable.

Tip - To add a Key Example to an Analysis Insight simply preview the Insight and click the 'Star' icon on the Example you want to add. This feature is only available for Insights, it is not present for Concepts, Themes, or any other attribute type.

Tip - The top key example in an Painpoint or Highlight will be displayed in the 'VIEW' report.

Other Changes

  • You can now open a dataset while it is processing data. Note, numbers will change as the data is progressively added to the dataset.

  • Reordered the Painpoint & Highlight report to show the Painpoint column before the Highlight column


  • Fixed the reset password screen not showing the correct error when trying to set a password with unmet password requirements

  • Fixed an issue where the 'Add to analysis' dialog and the 'Inspect dialog' could display at the same time

  • Fixed discarded patterns remaining as discarded when moved into an Aspect

  • Fixed an issue where inspecting a pattern would cause the analysis report to refresh in the background

  • Fixed the Crosstab table sorting Date columns alphabetically rather than chronologically

  • Fixed the 'Edit Results' feature in Key Drivers affecting the results that return in 'Crosstab'. 'Edit Results' is not currently supported in Crosstab.

  • Fixed the Preview Panel's Summary tab not displaying for datasets with no score field

  • Fixed some drag and drop issues in the Insights Tool

  • Fixed an issue when displaying Key examples in the preview panel where they would incorrectly expand to fill all available space

  • Fixed the Frequency bars in the Painpoint report being relative to hidden insights

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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