Group Painpoints & Highlights by Topic

Painpoints & Highlights can now be grouped into Topics. A Topic represents a neutral area such as 'Pricing' which is neither good nor bad.

  • To create a Topic, simply create an insight in Edit mode, change its type to 'Topic' and nest Painpoints and/or Highlights below it

  • When viewing an Analysis that has Topics, they will display on the left with a bar that shows the ratio between nested Painpoints and Highlights

  • Click each Topic to see its nested Painpoints and/or Highlights

  • Click the down chevron icon to expand all Topics for printing or presentation purposes

  • Don't want to see Topics? Turn the 'Topics' switch to off in the status bar area to see a flat view of all your Painpoints & Highlights.

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Other Changes

  • Added the ability to sort a bar or column chart by the defined order of an Analysis

  • Improved the tooltips on the Highlights/Painpoints bar in the Insights Tool to show Frequency, Score, and Impact


  • Fixed some alignment issues in the Preview Panel

  • Fixed multiple warning messages displaying when an account reaches its maximum number of datasets

  • Fixed not exporting records with multi categorical type attributes in the correct format

  • Fixed home screen not updating correctly after copying an analysis to a new dataset

  • Fixed a drag and drop issue from the Sub-concept area of the Preview Panel when trying to add to an Analysis

  • Fixed an issue where you could give an Analysis a name that was too long

  • Fixed an issue with using pipe characters in Analysis names

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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