New Analysis Controls

This release brings a major update to the primary controls within Ipiphany.

Set the target metric that you want to improve with the Improvement Target control.

Efficiently filter your analysis by any attribute, report period, analysis insight, or search term using the updated Filter control.

Quickly set a date period filter by clicking and dragging a date range in the new Report Period control.

Easily switch between reporting dimensions via the updated Report By control.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on the new controls.

Other Changes

  • Changed dimension names available to Report By to be singular e.g. Concepts is now Concept

  • Improved the tooltips that display when hovering over each major tool (Key Drivers, Trends, etc)

  • Improved the efficiency of the generated index when processing a dataset


  • Fixed unnecessary spacing in some pattern chip tooltips

  • Fixed Preview Panel > Explain tab tooltips sometimes not fitting within the available space

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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