Custom Compare Group Colors

This release adds the ability to control the color assigned to each compare group. When editing a group, simply click the colored block to the left of the group name and choose a color or set one manually by adding a Hex value.

Other Changes

  • Increased the size of most chart labels to make them easier to read and better for presentation screenshots. We welcome any specific feedback on this change.

  • Added default aspect sections for 'Topic' type Insights

  • Added scores to the list of attributes available in the 'Add Pattern' feature


  • Fixed the bar chart refreshing in the background when options are selected on the priority filter manual dialog

  • Fixed chart options menu being displayed behind the Edit Results controls

  • Improved the availability of a dataset when it fails to update to the latest domain knowledge version

  • Fixed a rare issue which caused errors to display when opening a dataset

  • Fixed logical filter options incorrectly being available on date filter chips

  • Fixed an issue where the My Filters panel in the filters dialog would not automatically close

  • Fixed an error that could occur when viewing a dataset with only score and date fields

  • Improved the applications ability to recover from some errors that can occur when opening a dataset

  • Fixed being unable to click on 'Create Dataset' when the dataset name starts with a space character

  • Fixed the 'Custom Measure' dialog appearing blank

  • Fixed an issue where broken concepts would not be detected in Analyses when a Datasets domain knowledge was updated

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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