Import Fixed Values

You can now easily add a fixed value to your dataset creation or append that will be stored against every record without having to manually edit the import file.

Do this via the '+ ADD FIXED VALUE' button in the field mapping screen during import.

Tip - When importing multiple batches of data from different sources, add a 'Source' categorical field with the name of the data source.

Floating View Panel

The View panel can now be 'Unpinned' from the side of the screen so that it displays over the top of the rest of the user interface. This helps to increase usable space, especially on smaller screens.

Simply click the new pin icon in the top right:

Other Changes

  • The View Panel can now be resized via a drag handle on its left side

  • Updated the design of the Field Mapping screen when importing data

  • Added an 'Order' control to the status bar of the Painpoint & Highlight report that can be used to change how Topics are sorted

  • Changed the default settings for the Compare tool when reporting by an Analysis to prioritize the Insights with the largest frequency % difference

  • Changed the cutoff settings for the pattern library when editing an Analysis to show Concepts down to 1 frequency


  • Fixed Sub-Concept in the View panel not sorting by Frequency descending

  • Fixed an issue where the displayed Account credits could be incorrect on some regions

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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