• Improved the matching of column names to field names when appending data. Appends should now more reliably map to existing fields.

  • Improved the validation for Fixed Value fields when importing data. It should now be impossible to enter a fixed value that cannot be imported into the selected field type.

  • Added a date picker when adding a Fixed Value for date type fields when importing data.

  • During data import, fields that contained a fixed value in the most recent append will now appear in the mapping screen to help remind you to set this value again.

  • (BETA) Added support for 'App Version' when importing data via an integration to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store


  • Fixed Analysis Insights being created with the incorrect default type when created by dragging from the Preview Panel

  • Fixed the mapping screen showing incorrect count values when the import file contains the same header name on multiple columns

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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