Specific Concept Types

Ipiphany now understands your data in much more detail. We have added the ability to report using Concepts of a specific type or types (Problems, Benefits, Features, Journeys, etc).

  • Want to quickly see your biggest problems? Select to Report By 'Concept -> Problem'

  • Want to see how the features of your App are performing? Select to Report By 'Concept -> App Feature'

Note - This feature is currently available when using the 'Financial Services - Retail Banking - Mobile App' Domain Knowledge. It will become available for other Domain Knowledges over time. If you are interested in accessing this feature for your dataset please contact your account manager.


  • Changed the default auto cutoff for Concepts to now only cutoff when the frequency falls below 3

  • Different date formats can now be appended to the same date field across multiple appends. Note that all date formats in a single field in any one append need to still be consistent.

  • Removed target direction feature when selecting Records (Frequency), this is now fixed to 'Understand' mode


  • Fixed an error that could occur when removing a key example

  • Fixed priority filter cutoff values not being set correctly in Crosstab

  • Fixed an issue where Hierarchy Mode could be incorrectly enabled in Key Drivers > Table

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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