Opinion Metrics

This release brings with it a major new set of metrics that are available throughout Ipiphany. The 'Opinion' metrics can be used to directly measure what customers think about a particular topic such as a feature, journey, or attribute.

For more details about Opinion metrics, go here.

For guides on using Opinion metrics to optimise a mobile app, go here.

Note - Opinion metrics are only available when your Dataset is using specific 'Domain Knowledge'. If you are interested in how Opinion metrics can help your business, please contact your account manager.


  • Fixed the Improvement Target control not showing the correct value for % based metrics when a primary scope filter is set

  • Fixed some combinations between data and the selected ontology that could cause an error to be displayed when opening the dataset

  • Fixed new Insights not being created with the correct type when created from a Benefit type concept

  • Fixed Benchmark feature not always returning the correct results for % based metrics

  • Fixed some screens returning an error when setting the Improvement Target to an NPS specific % metric

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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