'Analyses' have been renamed 'Reports' throughout Ipiphany. The Reports that are available to start are the existing 'Painpoints & Highlights' and 'Ad-hoc'. Future updates will add a number of new targeted reports for measuring things like the quality of your app journeys or for competitor benchmarking.

Other Changes

  • Changed the order of screens when creating a Report. You now pick a dataset before picking a report type.

  • Added the ability to display and sort Datasets by Modified Date. Adding and removing data from a Dataset updates its modified date.

  • Removed the card view and the 'Recently Opened' section from the Datasets home screen. The card view is still available for Reports.


  • Fixed concepts not always showing in the correct hierarchy when filtered by type

  • Fixed an issue where a tooltip could get stuck on screen when changing between views

  • Fixed some minor differences showing between Impact figures calculated in the Crosstab with a date dimension and Impact figures calculated in the Preview Panel

  • Fixed the right-click menu in the Home screen preventing you from right-clicking on other Home screen items until it is closed. This fix will be rolled out to all other right-click menus in future releases.

  • Fixed an error that could occur when previewing concepts from the Compare tool

If you have any questions or comments on this release or anything Ipiphany related let us know.

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