Use the Relationships tool to find and understand groups of related patterns and the connections between them. These pattern clusters and hierarchies often tell a story not easily explained by single patterns, and can help you identify and understand important insights or issues, and their root causes. 

Three important ways to use Relationships

Rather than a single tool, Relationships actually consists of three separate tools:

Read more about each of these specific sub-tools in their dedicated sections:

  1. Network - Helps you understand how concepts and themes are clustered together, and the relationships between those clusters

  2. Sunburst - Helps you to quickly identify important topic areas you should focus on by visualizing all your data at the same time in an interactive heatmap that represents a hierarchy of all concepts or themes

  3. Hierarchical Table - Allows you to interactively drill down into Concept and Theme hierarchies to better understand what lies underneath each node at each level

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