Use the Key Drivers tool to find patterns that are having the most effect on the metric that you want to improve. 

It's worth investing the time to understand the different ways in which Key Drivers can be used as it contains powerful visualizations and analytical algorithms.

By default Key Drivers displays a scatter chart.

  • Red circles represent patterns that are having a negative effect on your metric.

  • Green circles represent patterns that are having a positive effect on your metric.

Four important ways to use Key Drivers

There are many different ways to use Key Drivers, however the four most used are:

  1. Impact - You want to find the patterns having the largest impact on the metric you want to improve (this is the default view). 

  2. Most Frequent - You want to understand what the most frequent patterns in your data are and how they vary with respect to your target metric.

  3. Outliers - You want to find the outlier or extreme patterns that typically correlate with issues or positive outcomes, and their root causes

  4. Explain - You want to view patterns that best or uniquely explain a filtered subset of your data 


Using the Key Drivers tool

Use the Priority control to highlight what is important

Each of the four main ways of using Key Drivers is controlled through the Priority control


  • Impact - To view the patterns having the largest impact on the metric you want to improve (Impact)

  • Frequency % - To view the most frequent patterns (Most Frequent)

  • Difference - To view the outlier or extreme patterns that are furthest away from your overall mean and typically correlate with issue root causes (Outliers)

  • Lift or Relevance - To view the patterns that best explain a filtered subset of your data (Explain)


Understanding different aspects of the data

When analyzing data using the Key Drivers tool you can change the 'Report By' control to view the data through different dimensions. 

The most important three views are:

  1. Report Insights - The list of insights in the selected report.

  2. Concepts - Provides an overview of important drivers relating to common concepts

  3. Themes - Provides a more nuanced view than concepts, including aspects unique to your data that may not be included in Concepts

  4. Segments - Highlights important drivers and differences in your structured data. Either select 'Segments' to see all these categorical attributes at once, or select a specific attribute. 

Visualizing the results

Once the results are returned you can then choose the visualization type and set any chart dimensions to best reflect what you are trying to understand.

Key Drivers provides the following visualizations to help with analyzing your data:

Understanding and explaining each driver pattern

To better understand each of the main driver patterns you can click on the bubble or bar and use the right-hand-side preview function to 

  • View the pattern summary and trends

  • Explain the pattern using themes, concepts or segments

  • View text examples of the pattern or sub-theme

Exporting Results

When you are ready to export results you can click on the menu icon on the main charts

You can choose to 

  • Print the chart

  • Export the chart as an image
    (or use the Windows Snip tool to select specific region of a chart)

  • Download the patterns as an excel file

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