Step 1 - Rank your features from worst to best

Open your app review dataset and in Key Drivers, select:

  • Chart Type = Bar Chart

  • Improvement Target = Opinion -> Net Opinion

  • Filter = your bank

  • Report Period = the period you are interested in

  • Report By = Concept -> App Feature

  • Priority Filter = Top 10 with lowest net opinion

You will see a chart that shows the worst performing features in your app.

Step 2 - Benchmark

In the above example, 'App Authentication Feature' is our worst performing feature. Should this be our priority? Not necessarily. You should benchmark each feature against the competition to learn where you rank. If you are already best in class you may determine that resources are best spent in other areas.

Click a feature in the chart to display more details about that feature in a pop-out on the right (referred to as the 'Preview Panel') and then select the 'BENCHMARK' option.

  • Benchmark by = the competitive dimension (in this case 'Bank')

  • Highlight value = your company/app

Now click 'APPLY'.

Step 3 - Discover how to improve a feature

Click on a feature and use the 'VIEW' option in the Preview Panel to find out more details.

Are problems increasing or decreasing for this feature?

Use the trend chart to see how the feature is tracking.

What are the specific problems and benefits with this feature?

Use the Problems and Benefits sections within 'SUB-CONCEPTS' to see specific and actionable areas of the feature.

Click on a problem or benefit to read reviews that mention it.

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